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From our Partners at Bechtel | Local Content Policies and Programs: An Enabler for Development and Growth in Africa

The Africa Center’s mission to provide a gateway for engagement with contemporary Africa is focused around our three major lines of activity–policy, business and culture. 

The business portion of our program will help the private sector to navigate 54 distinct business climates, will make hard-to-obtain data available and understandable, and will facilitate peer-to-peer introductions. We will give African entrepreneurs exposure to New York’s private sector, help potential partners find each other, share best practices, and explore how private enterprise can help drive transformational developments on the continent.

As a platform for compelling content related to all three major aspects of our mission, one of the issues that will be of interest to our business constituents is local content requirements. The Africa Center’s Corporate Council Member Bechtel has recently developed a paper on local content policies and programs in Africa, which you can download in full below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.24.35 AM

“The purpose of this paper is to contribute a body of knowledge from Bechtel’s experiences over many decades of delivering large infrastructure projects and in helping governments, companies, and communities align local content policies and programs to promote economic development beyond the delivery of projects.”

Download the full paper here: Local Content Development Paper – 2016


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