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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Social Prefect, Nigeria’s Travel Queen

Post by Evelyn Owen


On a recent visit to Nigeria, members of our Executive Team joined Chiamaka Obuekwe, the tourism entrepreneur behind Social Prefect, for a tour of Lagos. We had such a great time that we decided to feature her in the first post of our new series: Entrepreneur Spotlight!

A tour group led by Chiamaka Obuekwe. 

The Rise of an Entrepreneur


Chiamaka has been passionate about travel since her earliest school excursions. In early 2015, she began blogging about her trips around Nigeria under the name “Social Prefect.” (This nickname was given to her by a schoolmate, and refers to her superior social skills!) In July of that year she organized her first guided tour, to the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos. She hasn’t looked back!

Today, Social Prefect is a fully-fledged company that introduces Nigerians to the possibilities of tourism in Nigeria. The tours aim to offer fun, educational experiences that tap into young Nigerians’ appetite for travel and adventure, and include everything from outdoor pursuits to historic sites of interest. Importantly, Chiamaka’s love of sociability is still at the forefront of her work. Social Prefect aims to foster lasting connections between participants through the excitement of discovering new places together.

Here’s a great interview with Chiamaka from Ebony Life TV’s The Crunch. She tells presenter Arit Okpo about the origins of Social Prefect, and shares some of her future plans.

“Afro-tourism” and Private Tours


Chiamaka describes her services as “Afro-tourism,” and her main emphasis has been on serving African tourists in Africa. So our New York-based team was especially privileged to get an insider’s perspective on a private tour of Lagos. We visited the National Museum (our collaborators on Dynasty and Divinity), historic slave sites in Badagry, the Lekki Conservation Centre, and more. Our tour revealed historic and contemporary angles on Lagos, in all its dynamism and diversity.

Check out the snaps of our visit below! You can follow Chiamaka and Social Prefect via Instagram, FacebookTwitter, or her blog to keep up with her latest travels…

The TAC team with Chiamaka outside the National Museum, Lagos.


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